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Paige is a pure beautiful soul with such kindness, healing, compassionate. She’s really heart-centered and in-depth with her works. She’s really sweet and totally supportive of me. I just love how she’s open minded and her personality is very wholesome of love. Her space is filled with tranquility and joyful. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Dominique H.

I firmly believe I was destined to find Ayurveda but to have found Paige is a Blessing. Paige’s knowledge is uniquely integrated with compassion and wisdom. I feel supported while I’m making lifestyle transitions and Paige truly meets you where you are.

Jessica C.

The owner and practitioner at HolisTech, an Aryurvedic Health Practice, Paige Pearman, is extremely knowledgeable but just as important, she is infinitely compassionate and caring to her patients. My wife and I have been seeing her for several months, and have seen improvement with several conditions, and have also each lost over 20 lbs!

Many of her recommendations are of no financial benefit to her, but she also provides herb formulations to speed you along your journey. We are looking at accessing more and more methodologies as we can afford it. But it is already money well spent.

Gregg W.

After meeting with Paige only a few times, I am beginning to see some big changes in my health and chronic pain. This is more progress than I’ve made in a year with traditional doctors. And now I’m not worrying about the next bad reaction to the next medication to mask my symptoms.

Paige looks at the whole picture – diet, exercise, lifestyle. She has taught me to make a few simple changes in my diet, drink some herbal teas and use some aruyvedic oils. I have been able to start exercising more, which was impossible even a few weeks ago due to extreme pain.

Already, my chronic sinus and jaw pain are gone – these were a long term reaction to a medication. My GI system is working better and my previously constant burning tongue is now barely noticeable. My pain has gone from a ten to a three and we’ve barely begun! When Paige said we would go slowly, I was afraid that would mean only trying one new thing every few weeks. What a relief to find this was not the case.

After the first visit, Paige gave me a comprehensive treatment plan. I liked that she was respectful of my time and budget. With each visit I have gotten new insight and education in how to help myself get well. From the very beginning, I have felt heard, understood, cared for and most of all hopeful. Paige has a passionate heart for people who are sick and hurting and who have lost hope. I highly recommend Luv Yourself if you are one of those people.

Kristie O.

My first experience with Paige’s work was a Shirodara. I spent an hour in pure bliss as I went into another dimension during the season.

Chris W.

Paige gave me a massage that was so relaxing! The hot oils smelled so good. Highly recommended her!

Kendra B.

The Shirodhara treatment is amazing! Thanks Paige, I am looking forward to getting a membership for more monthly treatments!

Tiffany L.

I had my first session with Paige yesterday & it was absolutely fabulous. She is so kind, skilled & grounded in her work that it was truly a gift to have had the time with her that I did. The session was lovely with warm oils & very relaxing & therapeutic. Then I followed that with some time in the sauna. It was the perfect combination! I can’t wait to schedule my next appointment & am hoping to make my sessions with Paige a regular occurrence. Thanks for sharing your healing medicine with the world Paige.

Ryann B.

Paige works wonders! I’ve been dealing with complications post C0VD. Specifically respiratory symptoms that have been hard to kick (even though I’ve been taking very good care to heal). I struggled breathing, had an erratic elevated heart rate, pain from congestions, chronic caugh and sleepless exhaustion. After one marma massage healing session, I noticed an immediate improvement. Everything that was stuck was released overnight. I literally feel like a new person. I wish I did it sooner. I’m so grateful for her!!!

Shawna P.

I visited HolisTech for a Shirodhara treatment and left feeling very well cared for. It is clear that Paige brings the highest level of service to her clients, from the expert massage touch to selecting the softest linens, all details were accounted for. It is a treasure to have access to a wellness center like this. I will definitely be back!

Anna N.