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VATA BLISS – Facial Cleansing Oil


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A deeply rejuvenating Ayurveda inspired facial dew used for cleansing the skin. It contains some of the most powerful skin rejuvenators in the botanical realm. It doubles as a facial massage oil to transform and rejuvenate the skin. It renews your complexion, removes dirt and makeup without disrupting your skin barrier, so it doesn't stripping the natural oils on your skin. It enhances microcirculation to firm, strengthen and regenerate your complexion.

Skin renewing botanicals and floral essences work synergistically to nourish extraordinary skin and beauty.


Apply to dry face to remove all dirt, debris and makeup. Gently wipe off with a warm, wet cloth. For removing eye makeup, be sure not to get the oils into your eyes.

Massage the facial oil by applying one to two pumps and massage your skin for 2 to 6 minutes for a coveted glow.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Organic and Wildcrafted Botanicals: Jojoba Oil, Helichrysum Oil, Neroli, Lavendar, Rhododendron , Ylang Ylang, and Laurel.