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Tantra Workshop Level 3 (bring a friend)

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Tantra as a Spiritual Path: Level 3 


FALL: Saturday, November 9and Sunday, November 10, 2024

8 am to 6 pm



* You must complete LEVELS 1 and 2 before advancing to LEVEL 3. We will be offering additional weekend retreats throughout the year.

  • We highly recommend that you enroll in Tantra Level 1, 2 and 3 together to receive the full benefit of the teachings.



What We Promise: 

This retreat is only open to those who have successfully completed Levels 1 and 2. The Tantra Level 3 retreat expands and magnifies the knowledge gained in the previous retreats. We will deepen our understanding of the mind. Prepared to be inspired by profound lectures and embodiment practices.


Sublimation and Transfiguration

Sublimation is the process of taking energy from the lower three chakras and moving it into the upper chakras. Instead of functioning in lower, mundane frequencies, the energy is moved for our spiritual awakening.


Transfiguration is an important part of Tantra wisdom as it allows us to see the Divine in any form. It allows us to function at a higher level and frequency as we move into the higher chakras. We begin to see the Divine in everything, the beauty and grace in the form and the formless.


Explore Chakras 5, 6 and 7

We will move through the upper three chakras. Each of the upper chakras represents a level of consciousness.


Spiritual Mastery

As we arrive at the crown chakra, we explore the pinnacle of the journey through the chakra system. All hatha yoga practices lead to the opening of, the crown chakra (Sahasara)


We will explore the non-dualistic approach for spiritual mastery.