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Tantra Workshop Level 2

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The Alchemy of Tantra: Level 2


SUMMER Saturday, August 17 and Sunday, August 18, 2024

8 am to 6 pm



What We Promise: 

As a continuation of Level 1, “The Alchemy of Tantra” will introduce you to the path of Tantra through the depth and richness of the heart and the power of sexual energy. Embracing all of our emotions as a gateway to spiritual enlightenment, we will delve into Tantra as a path of ecstatic love, courageous inner freedom, and blissful surrender.


Kundalini and Tantra

Unleash your orgasmic power and channel your kundalini to empower your life.


Explore The Heart Chakra 

Related to the air element, it represents the beginning of a true spiritual life. Living in Anahata requires a surrendering of the egoic self, and allows for a quantum leap in our spiritual evolution. We will begin sublimation practices for the heart chakra and will explore the magnitude of the heart in our healing journey.


Sexual Mastery

We will dive deeper into polarity and sexual mastery for both men and women. Together we will begin dissolving mental, emotional and physical armoring. We will begin healing the heart from past wounds and traumas.


  • We highly recommend that you enroll in Tantra Level 1, 2 and 3 together to receive the full benefit of the teachings.