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Join us at HolisTech Institute & Spa for our “First Friday Open House” series, an immersive journey through the elemental forces of Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, paired with Ayurveda, Biohacking, Tantra, and Somatic-based Healing practices. Every First Friday of the month from 6 to 9 pm at 2714 B Frankfort Ave, 2nd Floor, we invite you into our space to explore holistic wellness in a community setting.

🌟 First Friday Open House: An Elemental Wellness Experience

  • When: First Fridays Monthly
  • Where: HolisTech Institute & Spa

Each Open House focuses on a unique element, enriching your understanding of holistic practices and how they can be integrated into your lifestyle for improved well-being. Dive into each element with us:

  • Ether: Explore the unified field of unmanifest pure energy that is the source of the material world.
  • Air: Breathe deeply into Ayurvedic energy of movement and circulation.
  • Fire: Ignite your inner strength with biohacking techniques for energy and vitality.
  • Water: Flow with Tantric practices for emotional balance and connection.
  • Earth: Ground yourself in Somatic healing for physical wellness and stability.

Special Features:

  • Engaging presentations from holistic wellness experts.
  • A welcoming community eager to explore and share.
  • Delicious, themed mocktails crafted to complement the elemental focus of the evening.

Our “First Friday Open House” offers a unique blend of education, connection, and refreshment, making each gathering a memorable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to holistic wellness, we look forward to sharing these enriching evenings with you. Let’s celebrate the journey to health and harmony, one element at a time.